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On this page are stories shared by survivors that highlight hope but can also be hard to read. A grounding activity can help you to feel calm and make it easier to read these stories. Do you want to try one of our grounding activities?

What he did, but she didn’t

Healing to me is being able to let go of your old traumas that been weighing you down and to grow thru what you go trough

Gi Machado

Healing is using my position to share my story with current college students, using my position to listen to college students, and using my position to educate college students.

Domestic Violence doesn't have an age.

You are worthy of unconditional love.

Dear reader, the following story contains explicit use of homophobic, racist, sexist, or other derogatory language that may be distressing and offensive.

A date to always remember but never forget

Each year it crashes in like the waves beating the stand.
It brings a swirl of emotion and feelings unbeknownst to my fragile mind.
My body seises as it struggles to stay afloat.
I gasp as the sharp prickly water traps my body,
unable to move,
but only to breathe,

If you are reading this, you have survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.


You are not alone. You are more than your body. You are a bright, sweet, and wonderful human. You are more capable of what you can even think of yourself. You are not your trauma.


It's not your shame to carry
Speak your story, it's your to tell
Don't let anyone else's discomfort make you feel uncomfortable.


I would tell other survivors that they are loved and to receive that and to love themselves. I would also tell them that their story isn't over it is only beginning, they are now in charge and get to choose how it will continue. It is not their fault.

The title of the story is: Stare the Stalker Down

Absolutely. If my story is of help to anyone or anyone needs to share their story with me, I would be so happy if anything helps. I survived that part of my life and am working on the other parts.

13 and The Colour Green

You are not alone. Unfortunately there are hundreds of women and children in the same situation as you. Did you know that according to the crime survey for England and Wales for March 2023, The police flagged 889,441 recorded offences as domestic abuse-related, and that’s not including the offences that go unreported. For people that have struggled or are still in that dark place, there is a light at the end of that very long tunnel.

“These moments in time, my brokenness, has been transformed into a mission. My voice used to help others. My experiences making an impact. I now choose to see power, strength, and even beauty in my story.”

Living with an evil man who lived a double life....until I unpeeled it.

To heal it's important to know your not alone. I was made to feel like I was crazy and he told me I was so it had to be true. More gaslighting than movies are written about. The men who traffick are very dangerous and horrific. Because they make millions and deal with wealthy sex buyers they feel they are above the law. They are protected by many involved within this global criminal situation. I want the victims to know, You are not alone. I want every girl to know her voice can change the world. Be strong. Be brave. Don't settle for less tha...

Trials and Tribulations of being young and nieve

After 30+ years I'm still trying to heal my body , my mind , and my soul. The horrible men that I've had in my life have done nothing but use and abuse me .

Miscarriage of Justice

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read and consider Name story. First, I don’t blame Police Departmentor the state of State Namefor anything that has happened, the responsibility for this belongs completely to the state of State Name She met Friend Name 7 years ago when they were both homeless and moved to Second State Name to live with him at his mother’s property. This property is in the middle of nowhere inSecond State Name, their closest neighbors were anywhere from 30 to 60 acres away. He did this to isol...


Life can be better than this.


You can heal from this and live a beautiful life!

“Healing to me means that all these things that happened don’t have to define me.”

Windy road to healing

My message about hope is to trust the process. Your good days are just as important as your bad days. I hope that you know just how amazing your are & hope important you are to this world! And you know that it wasn’t your fault

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A letter to myself, to him and to you

It doesn't matter if it happened yesterday.
If it happened three months ago or 10 years ago.
It's okay for it to still affect you.
Do not deny yourself those feelings. You have already been denied so much.

Sexual Assault @ Location City, State.

not sure yet, I must clear these obstacles before that happens


it gets better.

My story - My First Semester of College.

I know that it can be so easy to lose hope, but don't lose hope. There is help and healing up ahead. There are better days ahead. This hurting is but a small moment, I know that you can make it through and that you will come out so much stronger than you were. What was done to you was wrong and should not have happened but you don't need to let your abuser take any more control away from you. Have hope. Hope makes things a little easier.

Taking ‘time for yourself’ does not always mean spending the day at the spa. Mental health may also mean it is ok to set boundaries, to recognize your emotions, to prioritize sleep, to find peace in being still. I hope you take time for yourself today, in the way you need it most.

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no always means no

I believe you. No matter what happened, I believe you. I often struggle with the belief that I didn't try hard enough to get away or that my experience wasn't "bad enough". No one else should have to experience these feelings. Your experience and emotional reactions to it are valid. You are valid and you will be okay. <3


What happened was not your fault. You deserve to be speak and be heard.


moving to a better apartment losing weight i gained and finding someone new.


Do not be silent, and do not let anyone silence you. Silence does not heal. Speak up, find someone to listen and give you support.


What does hope taste like? Like cold water to someone stranded in the desert. What does hope look like? Like the Coast Guard barge after floating in the ocean for days on a raft. What does hope sound like? Like the very first cries of a newborn baby freshly released from the womb.

Healing is not linear. It is different for everyone. It is important that we stay patient with ourselves when setbacks occur in our process. Forgive yourself for everything that may go wrong along the way.

At 19, I Can Finally Say I’m a CSA and an Incest Survivor

It will get easier. It will get easier to live, easier to talk about, easier to accept, easier to have as a part of your story. Everything will get easier. Everything will get better, you just gotta stick around long enough to see it. We will be okay.

Beyond survival.

The most powerful story of hope for me has been focusing on the stories of survival where against all odds, people have survived. One of my favorites is hearing about survivors in Italy who survived a plane crash. When they realized no one was coming to their rescue, they started walking through the Andes mountains in the most horrific winter conditions, in search of help. They focused on that one next step and got to safety. I believe in miracles big and small so look for the glimmer of hope in the smallest things, like that one next step...

The beginning is not the end. Find your future and live


Stuck on my mind

Healing is when they no longer rule my mind and body.

Keeping the hope from the mountain top

“I have learned to abound in the joy of the small things...and God, the kindness of people. Strangers, teachers, friends. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but there is good in the world, and this gives me hope too.”

Name, all the titles I earned there taken.

Hope will kill you, hope is a cruel lie they give to people when the truth is to unmarriable.

Dear reader, the following story contains language of self-harm that some may find triggering or discomforting.

Safety Exit