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it happened to me

I would do anything for it not to be real, but it is. And I’m starting to think it’s more common than any of us want to admit. But it’s time to be brave and acknowledge these hard truths no matter how much it hurts. Because we deserve healing and even more than that, we deserve a world that sees and acknowledges these horrors for what they are.

This too shall Pass!

After it was all said and done. I found myself asking, why not? For I had/have already been molested as a child, sexually harassed on the job and later a kissed took place due to me feeling stuck; so why not one more thing with being sexually assaulted. Thing is it isn’t okay. It isn’t your fault and you did nothing wrong. My hope is when confusion arises that clarity settles and when self doubt surrounds that assurance comforts you. Please know you’re loved, you’re important, you’re valued, you’re victorious, you’re more than a conqueror and...


The aftermath of assault is hard. Indescribably hard. Especially right in the first few days or weeks. But I promise, over time, it can. Get. Better. It’s a long, hard process, and it’s different for everyone. You’ll have your ups and downs, your good days and your bad days, the easy times and the difficult ones. But we, as survivors, were strong enough to survive, and are strong enough to carry on. However fast or slow that process goes for you is just fine. You’re allowed to take the time that you need to build yourself back up, breathe, and...

Name, JD, Purple Heart Recipient, Retired Petty Officer

No, I came here for hope.

“These moments in time, my brokenness, has been transformed into a mission. My voice used to help others. My experiences making an impact. I now choose to see power, strength, and even beauty in my story.”

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I was lost, I was hopeless, I was feeling guilty, there’s a whole lot of emotions that I can guarantee you are feeling right now and I never ever thought I would still be alive today but I am and I believe in you and am proud of you for just being here today, remember you are not alone


You are not alone


• Bitter. •
Sometimes it comes in spouts of sunshine.
Warm, welcoming, loving embraces of serotonin radiate the pure beauty of what seems to be a fixation of a happy life.
So closely within reach I can barley taste the bitter memory of •victim • in the back of my throat,.




“I have learned to abound in the joy of the small things...and God, the kindness of people. Strangers, teachers, friends. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but there is good in the world, and this gives me hope too.”

What If?

Healing is possible: The core message is that despite the pain of child abuse, healing and a fulfilling life are achievable.
The "what if" as a source of strength: Imagining a trauma-free past isn't about dwelling on what could have been, but about recognizing your inner strength in overcoming adversity.


I’m happy to live in a time where mental health is normalized. I think that it will only become more normalized as time moves on.

sometimes people aren’t who you thought they were

this isn’t the end. fight for yourself. don’t let them win. i believe you. and one day you will be okay

"Terror in the Stillness of the Night"

Warning: This article contains references to childhood sexual abuse
By Name
Insomnia first started to rear its ugly head in my life when I was in the second grade. Each evening after I was sent to bed, I lay awake long into the night with a pounding heart and a body paralyzed with terror as I pictured a monkey-like man with an axe in his head flying through the window over my bed coming to kill me. I have no idea where that terrifying image came from, but that scene played over and over in my hea...

I don’t know who I am outside of her

I was groomed from the minute I was born by my grandmother’s partner. She was in the room for my birth and everyday thereafter she showered me with affection. She took me on trips. She complied with my every wild childish requests. She bought me alcohol when I was a teenager. Gave me weed. Opened a bank account in my name and depositing money every two weeks. She took me to San Francisco for pride and to gawk at the sex shops in the Castro.

We believe in you. You are strong.

Abuse be gone, NOW

It's going to be okay. If I survived it, you will too.

They saw me deeper, but we all know them better now.

There's always more fight left in you. Hope is your guidance. You are not alone, it's never too late and you will be believed!

COCSA child on child sexual assault

Healing means acknowledging that it happened and helping yourself to move on my forgiving yourself if you haven’t or blame yourself for anything. I also think healing is knowing you aren’t alone and a situation that feels like nothing to someone else doesn’t mean it is and that you should brush past it. If you feel like you want to speak about it do so. If you feel like you were violated that is valid too. Dont let others try to keep you quiet if you don’t want to be.

We were friends.

We were friends. That is what I told him when he tried to kiss me when I was drunk. He smiled and said he understood.
We were friends. That is what I told him when I agreed to sleep off the alcohol at his as he insisted it wasn't safe for me to walk home. I felt a sense of relief and comfort when he smiled and said he understood.

My Disturbing and Unforgettable Past

just know your never alone. i know its hard to talk about something like this. with me, I'm still trying to accept what happened to me. its hard but you'll get through it😁

“We believe you. Your stories matter.”


How 1 manager Ruined Me
In date I started a job working as a forklift operator with Company in their export department. Little did I know, that the manager I was about to meet would change everything I ever thought about the working world. For the first couple of months everything was great, I’d show up to work every morning, freight would come in and go out, the employees were becoming friends, and my manager Manager Name was really easy to get along with. His philosophy of, I don’t care what you do as long as the work gets d...

Life behind

Let it out and speak it out tell the truth believe in your dreams and always have God on your side


I am a victim of COCSA as well as SSA. It was by my older brother. It happened when I was 7 and he was 9. The memory is hazy but I still think about it whenever I learn new words about what happened to me. All I remember was sleeping in one of those inflatable beds at my house while it was a party, I remember wearing a SpongeBob nightgown that reached to my knees. He slept next to me and all I remember was him trying to kiss me. I pushed him away and turned the other way but he still kept insisting. I didn’t want to wake my parents up so I did...

I can't stop feeling guilty

I was SA when I was 10 years old approximately, and my cousin 13 approximately (he is 3 years older than me). My depression start at that age approximately too, so know that im thinking about it that was maybe the reason.
This week i told my mom about it, im 18, so my trauma happen 8 years later, i feel guilty because she want to talk with my family, not all, but yes some people of my family about what happen, i dont want ruin his life, even if he ruin mine, if he get some consequences i will feel guilty because this happen 8 years ago. My mom...

That night my brother touched me

I don't know if what my brother did to me can be classified as sexual abuse.
I was staying over at his house. It was late at night, and we were watching a movie. At some point, he asked if he could initiate some cuddling. I actually agreed, since we are really close and both enjoy physical affection. While we were spooning, he snuck his hand under my shirt. He didn't say anything, and I didn't say anything. As the night went on, he alternated between different caresses, kisses on my head or the side of my face, and words of affection. I idly s...

“You are the author of your own story. Your story is yours and yours alone despite your experiences.”

When a pattern appears don’t ignore it.

I’ve always lacked hope, but I think it’s so important to hold tightly. To hope Things get easier. When you give up that hope that things will get better then I think that’s when you truly start to spiral. Things will be better, it will take a lot of time and hope and effort, but it will happen in its own time. You just have to hold on tightly to that hope.

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A weak Frenchman

You're gonna need time. And you've got to believe in yourself.


I cannot say that I am better. I cannot say that I have healed…but I’d like for anyone reading this to know that it’s gonna hurt like hell to face what happened to you, but pain doesn’t last forever and you can always find solace and peace in yourself. Being angry and sad and fucking disgusted is okay. You let yourself feel it. But don’t ever take it out on yourself or the people who love you.

Living in Fear of My Perpetrator

You are not alone. Sharing our experiences can be a powerful step towards healing. No matter how difficult it gets, remember that there is hope and support out there. Stay strong and take one day at a time.

Seeking Justice and Safety in Japan

You are not alone. It is important to share our voices and experiences to overcome this difficult time. Believe that even the smallest step forward can lead to healing and hope. Let’s stay strong and support each other as we move forward together.

“You are not broken; you are not disgusting or unworthy; you are not unlovable; you are wonderful, strong, and worthy.”

My Story

Initials I’ll never understand why you did what you did and it truly worries me because how would you even know how to act at that young of an age. Initials the first time it happened doesn’t leave my mind playing over and over again. When I lived in City playing house on the second floor in the walk in closet the play kitchen was in and you asked if I wanted to have a baby. Little baby obsessed me was like ofc and you go “a real baby” again I say yes because I’m not sure what that entails at the time. You began to kiss me pushing...

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