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The red flags were always there. But, we were all kids.

The memories won't go away if you push them away.


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hopeful for a fresh start

i haven't even started my own journey yet. if I were to give advice, it would be to be patient with yourself and don't push yourself to admit things that you're not ready to. it took me many months of talking it thru with my therapist and ongoing discussions to even utter the words "abuse". and even longer to fathom that I had been thru sexual trauma.

My Life in a Nutshell

This is my life story, well, at least the major events that come to mind. There are aspects of my life that I have either blocked out or chosen not to remember. When I was about 5 years old, my grandfather on my mother’s side started molesting me. It went on for a while, and I vividly remember crying to my mom, begging her not to make me go back there one weekend. In response, she looked at me and asked if my grandfather was touching me. I mustered the courage to say yes, hoping for support. To my dismay, she told me that my grandfather was si...

“You are the author of your own story. Your story is yours and yours alone despite your experiences.”

When a Safe Space Shatters: Why Adults May Not Believe a Young Person's Abuse Story

"When a Safe Space Shatters: Why Adults May Not Believe a Young Person's Abuse Story" delves into the complex dynamics surrounding the disbelief of young individuals who disclose abuse, particularly when it involves sexual abuse. It highlights the psychological phenomenon of cognitive dissonance, where individuals struggle to reconcile the shocking truth of abuse with their preconceived notions of the perpetrator and their family. This internal conflict often leads to denial, even in the face of evidence.

Please help us

Narzissten wollen nicht heilen, sie wollen zerstören, sie haben die Verbindung zu sich selber verloren, vor allem zu Gott.
Materialismus, Profitgier, auf dem Rücken der Arbeitnehmer, jeden Tag ist eine Ambulanz vor den Türen, die Mitarbeiter sind so erschöpft, dass manche mit der Ambulanz abgeholt werden müssen und es wird immer schlimmer.


You are not alone


I was sexually assaulted by a soldier that was a coworker while I was at work by myself. I did not want to report because of the abuse I’d been (still am) experiencing from my supervisor. Eventually it was reported correctly but it brought on more abuse at work. My story is not over. I have PTSD now. I pray one day the continued abuse will stop and I’ll be able to work safely.

We have to make universities safe for students, staff and faculty to study and work there as it is intended.

One doesn’t think that sexual abuse occurs at a major university, a place of higher learning, but it does and they will do everything they can to conceal it from the public.
Statistics demonstrate that academia is the 2nd highest sector of sexual harassment and assault. I spoke up to protect me, colleague, and my students. But when the perpetrator is another professor and the dean himself is accused twice of sexual harassment, what does the university do? They bully, retaliate, deny promotion no matter how many accolades and will change the...

“I have learned to abound in the joy of the small things...and God, the kindness of people. Strangers, teachers, friends. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but there is good in the world, and this gives me hope too.”

Just the beginning.

I don't have very clear memories from my childhood and high school years so this might be a bit scattered or lacking detail. I have often had a complicated relationship with intimacy and men. I don't know when or why it started, but I have never truly valued myself the way I should, and thus let others value me even less. I have always been shy and a bit awkward, so when boys started to take an interest in me during high school, I guess I just ran with it. I had a friend in high school who would often make sexual advances to me. I had liked hi...

Name, State.

It floats hope is a positive emotion we all fill

The Fear That Follows Me by Survivor Name

Don't wait until you get to your breaking point, and hold the adults who should have protected you accountable for their negligence to intervene. You have the power to end the cycle. Being silent is what your harasser wants; they want you to become a shell.


Keep going no matter what happens.

I thought he really cared

Healing means sitting with the reality of what happened and feeling those feelings of disgust, horror, terror, and anger without running from them

Taking ‘time for yourself’ does not always mean spending the day at the spa. Mental health may also mean it is ok to set boundaries, to recognize your emotions, to prioritize sleep, to find peace in being still. I hope you take time for yourself today, in the way you need it most.

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At this point, I'm not sure. Being able to attract healthy men that wouldn't dream of doing something so vile.

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I didn’t know other people experienced the same thing until today. This may have been the most healing thing to ever happen to me to know that I’m not completely alone.


Healing is leaving

(Former) Administrative Assistant @ University

You are not alone. You deserve to be believed. Don’t waste time and energy trying to figure out why. When they show you who they are believe them. Document document document. If you can, record it (but check your state laws first). If you are able, get an attorney - many will do free consultations. Don’t ever trust HR, they are not there for you!!! They are there to protect the company at all costs. If you can’t hire an attorney, familiarize yourself with your state labor laws. Get support. Use your voice! Tell your story! God saw everything....

putting my body back together

The most important thing for me on my healing journey so far has been forgiving my body and myself. I apologized to myself and I forgave myself. It's okay to acknowledge that you're hurt and may not have been kind to yourself in the healing process. Maybe you self-harmed, maybe you lashed out at people you loved or rotted in bed. Forgive yourself, you went through a lot.

“We believe you. Your stories matter.”

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ending my silence

Healing is acceptance. Healing is pain. Healing is crying until you can't anymore. Healing is beautiful. Everyone is deserving of healing.

Friend in early middle school

Even if things feel horrible right now, there is always possibility for happiness again. It will come


I’ve worked for almost 20 years as a government public servant in the Stare of State, most recently for the highest level government official, who prides themself and their office as being unafraid of tackling even the biggest of bullies of them all, like other former high level elected officials. However, under that persons leadership and what I thought was protection, I was horrifically bullied, gaslight and abused, on a daily basis. This persisted even though I became physically ill, suffered emotional trauma and continued to report eac...

Step by step

I’ve learned that nobody can give you closure. You went through the pain, you deserve your own closure. Don’t let other people who don’t know what you’ve been through determine how you process your trauma. You are never alone, you made it out.🫶


You as a Survivor are incredible. Only you know what your story is like. No body understands what it is truely like unless they have experienced it themselves. You are not alone. Other Survivors understand you better.Stay strong always and never let anyone discredit your story.

“It can be really difficult to ask for help when you are struggling. Healing is a huge weight to bear, but you do not need to bear it on your own.”


I was used and abused by my next door neighbor's teenage son for two years, from age 4 till age 6. I was friends with his little sister and him and he gained my trust after my mom and I moved into the house. The first time it happened we were in the living room and he got my Simpsons sheet from my room and we went under the sheet and he unvelcroed his board shorts and took his penis out and put my head on it, telling me to pretend it was a bottle, it was frequent between oral and anal and I didn't understand how bad it was, my mom caught it fi...


Don't matter what you are or do, you are in charge of your life. There is still hope.

I dont know what to do

You're not alone.. talk to someone and it wasn't your fault no matter what.. i know its hard but you can do it cause you didn't even wanted to and you shouldn't feel ashamed :)

Dear reader, the following story contains language of self-harm that some may find triggering or discomforting.


It was my spiritual teacher. I loved him and trusted him more than anyone. Now I don't feel safe with my faith. My friends were in the spiritual community and ghosted me for seeking treatment. I don't feel safe to leave my room. I have constant panic attacks. I don't recognize life anymore.

Confronting the Monster Within: A Man's Journey from Victim to Survivor

Men carry scars, too. Not the kind etched by shrapnel or branded by fire, but the silent ones woven from shadows and whispers. My own story is a tapestry of darkness, a narrative of violation etched not on flesh, but on the fabric of my being. Like a river swallowed by the earth, my abuse flowed underground, unseen, unheard, yet ever-present.

“These moments in time, my brokenness, has been transformed into a mission. My voice used to help others. My experiences making an impact. I now choose to see power, strength, and even beauty in my story.”


Healing is different for everyone. For me, it was understanding why people do the things they do....and why they don't take action when they should. Healing is understanding why boundaries are so important and respecting them when others put them in place.

Safety Exit