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For all survivors particularly: I believe you, and I support you.
For all of my fellow trans (including non-binary) survivors, as an agender individual: I believe you. I see you. I am you.
For all of my fellow survivors whose perpetrators were not men: I believe you. I see you. I am you.

Facing the future with guilt from the past

Where there is life there is hope. Let's hope together.

Coming to terms

At age 15, my doctor asked me if I was sexually active. I cried and said “sort of”. When she asked me why I was crying, I told her it was because I thought it was embarrassing. I’m now realizing that I was not crying because I was embarrassed but because I was ashamed.

I’m so sorry for the past, please let me make your future safe

Please know that if you’re confused, I’m just as confused as you. If you’re scared, I’m just as scared as you. I’ll hold your hand through this journey, even if I’ve been on both sides, the victim and the perpetrator, I want to heal, I want you to heal, I may have fucked up in the past as a naive child, but I want to grow into a healed young adult who can help people like you, yes you, onto a new path of life.

What its like to lose purpose of living.

It all started back in 2017, I met a "girl", we got along and we were supposed to be a thing. Turns out she looked/seemed like a "girl" but she was a junkie and surprisingly a mother, had a baby and a lot of conflicts between her and her husband. They had 7 cases running on in court. As soon as I know, I called everything off and moved on. 2 years later, I was engaged, had the job of my dreams, side hustles and everything. One day I got a call from a police station asking me to turn myself in for an investigation. Of course I did care a lot ab...


I had been really good friends with this boy for 3-4 years and I was talking to him about how upset I was that I had just ended things with this guy I really liked. My 'friend' then started being like flirty with me so I thought he was doing it to cheer me up and just went along with it. He then proceeded to ask me questions that were making me feel uncomfortable like "if it was just us two in a room for 24 hrs what would we do" and "if we got together what would we do" and I just tried to blow it off and say oh yh just hugs and movies or some...


I don't even know how to start since my life has been a mess from the beginning. so I had been sexually assaulted by my so-called cousin when I was like 10. we lived in the same neighborhood plus we are family so he has lots of reasons to show up at our house at first his company was great since I had no one by my side things started to change when he tries to make weird physical contact and I didn't even understand the things he does to me he says it was just part of the game but all I remember now is that I was very uncomfortable and I could...

i still feel gross but im working on it

sometimes you might feel gross in your own skin or in the clothes you wear and thats normal and your feelings are valid
i usually just take a shower to remind myself that im clean and wear the clothes where its safe to remind myself im not going to be hurt everywhere i go

Corporate America Predator

Healing to me means to understand that there are predators out there and if you fall victim, which many smart women do, it's not your fault. Letting the predator have the power to ruin your life when their life continues is something we cannot do.


If a friend or anyone you're close to makes you feel uncomfortable, speak up if you're able.
Please do not let your boundaries be disrespected.
Ask questions if you're unsure. Find support.
Don't blame yourself. It was not your fault. Love yourself again.


I was 17 back then and I met this guy at my college. He was a flirty rich bad boy type and I guess that attracted me at that teenage phase of my life. I expressed my interest in him and we soon started dating. On a particular day he send me a nude picture and I understood that we wanted to sext. Millions things were running in my mind. I was reluctant at first considering as I was always this introverted shy girl who gave preference to my culture where sex is a taboo. Upon my denial he manipulated me into sending nudes saying this is what girl...

He stole my trust.

There are people that have gone through something similar to you. No one will ever understand exactly how you feel, but sometimes it's more important that they can just listen.

You are worth happiness.

I want anyone who is in a situation of abuse to know there is nothing more important than finding a way out. There are sites that are abuse friendly , (browsers) that dont track your computer history of getting help so abusers dont know your escaping. There are neighbors who if they knew , they would help you leave. (my neighbor saved my life with a bicycle pump). There are family , and friends who are on your side. You are also worth it, and any depression you may have is not worth staying in a bad relationship to keep being depressed. You...

Someone Still In Pain

Not Right Now. I'm sorry. I have no support system. No one seems to care.


I had just turned 13 and had my first crush, a boy 2 years older than me, we'll call Name cause well that's his name. His Cousin had invited me to a"house party" only when I showed up it was just me, him and his cousin. When I got there they were both waiting for me in the entry way, my first thought was wow they're excited to see me, cool. Then I felt someone grab me by the back of my head by my ponytail. Then my pullover jacket I had just got for Christmas was pulled over my head, and I f...


It is possible to leave an abusive situation. I am sad, but I am free.

My Battles Surviving Rape, Sexual Assaults and Domestic Violence

Don’t be afraid to share your story and speak up don’t be afraid of others who tell you you aren’t being honest
You know your truth and you know what you went through with your body
Reach out to hotlines if you feel overwhelmed
As a survivor you are never alone you are loved and cared for and so much more etc

Better days are yet to come

Don't ever lose hope because better days will come.
Pause and remember - Nothing lasts forever.
Every day that we wake up is a good day.
As you wait for better days, don't forget to enjoy today, in case they've already started.

Name experience

Namewho now lives in Idaho and owns his own business lied on me to cover the truth from his wife. Name approached me and I had no clue that he was married. Name offered to pay my bills and to take care of me so as far as I knew I was dating him it was long distance but I was dating him. I've never had sex with the man. But then I come to find out that he has a wife and when I found out that he had a wife and that they've had trouble conceiving I felt very guilty so I told her the truth and because I told her the truth and becaus...

Your Courage is Your Strength & Your Strength is Your Courage


Tell somebody, no matter how bad you may be afraid people will think you're crazy or you know they won't care or believe you. Tell anyone. Just tell on them.

The Kitchen Job From Hell

I worked in a hospital kitchen as a food services assistant, I was 23 years old. My brother had died the year prior he was 24 years of age when he passed. I had so much grief inside whilst also trying to work and had just moved out of home. I was a lost women learning my way on my own.

How do I stop blaming myself?

What helped me heal most was my boyfriend. He was always there for me and never once judged me. He was the first person in my life to show me love regardless of who I am and what I've been through. It's probably the closest thing to unconditional love there is.

Surviving The Battle

Don’t feel afraid to reach out for help and support it’s going to be times where you will feel overwhelmed but you have to stay strong and be strong and things will get better
You are not alone you are never alone

I wanted a friend. That's not what I got.

For reference, I am a college student and this story generally takes place in a college town.
I was excited to have made a new friend during quarantine. We met right before the lockdown in 2020, and would have a few phone or video calls every few weeks or so. For context, I have a smattering of social anxiety I have been living with since I was a pre-teen, and I'm especially nervous around guys my age. That's why making this platonic friend was so valued to me. I am a person with few close friends, and I decided to let him in. I decided to tru...

my sister.

healing is within yourself, it takes time and strength and i believe that we are all strong enough to get though whatever we are going through its just finding a place to start. but i have faith in all and believe you have got what it takes. remember that you are enough, you are strong, and you belong here. and no matter what has happened to you it is not your fault . please stay

Childhood trauma

Healing is like playing chess.


speak out when youre ready. dont be forced, dont hold back either. youll know when its your time to share, its up to you. healing and growth is gonna take some time, but one day youll notice the world feels a little lighter on your shoulders. youre not alone.

Coercive sex

I’m not really sure what healing means or how to acquire it.

a shy 17 yr old

we're so much stronger than we make ourselves believe.

Trying To Get Back On Course

You ARE believed. You ARE special. You ARE NOT responsible for what happened.


While I was a Collge Student; I met The Most Precious Lady.
She is so Beautful, Elegant and Refined.
I was unable to buy Her a meal due to demands of expenses.
She has been through unspeakble pain in Her Lifetime.
Although I bought Her pizza and gave Her transporation; I wish that I could have taken Her to the finest Restaurant.

Keep Going

Parents Brutal Violence



I don't know.


Healing is difficult. In order to heal, you must accept that the harm is real. This is obviously painful. I heal with meditation, mantras, and self-defense mechanisms. I am hardly healed, but I am trying. Healing is difficult, painful even, but worth it. I feel strengthened by my attempts to heal.


many times

you are a survivor even if you don't feel like it. your trauma is valid, it's real.

I tried to fight...

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
~ Audre Lorde

an affirmation of worthiness

Safety Exit