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Monster in the Family

I’ve learned through all this that you are not alone. Even though stories are not similar, and healing is different, and trauma looks different on everyone- you are not alone. So many women, men, and others share their own stories.
Even if you can’t find that help and healing within your own family, there are people outside of blood that will move mountains for you.


Keep going.


You are never alone.

Mamma's don't raise up your sons to be substitute spouses.

I didn't remember mom's sexual abuse of me until I was in my 50s and she was declining in the nursing home. I learned in therapy that this is not uncommon. The memories become less of a problem as you talk with them with your therapist.

Every step forward, no matter how small, is still a step forwards. Take all the time you need taking those steps.


I feel so much guilt and resentment towards myself and my abuser, my brother. I was 9, and my brother was 10. We shared a room together, and whenever it was past our bedtimes, my brother would come over to my bed and start making different requests. I can't remember how it started. I went along with it at first because I thought it was harmless. He started making excuses to touch me in different places, like between my legs and my breasts (I was an early bloomer). Eventually I started telling him no, but he would get upset with me. He would te...

M “No”

Time. That’s what you will need the most. Time will show you that you can love despite what happened to you. Time will teach you that none of it was your fault too. It won’t make it all disappear but it will make it feel less raw, less painful. I hope you can find the patience and strength to get there love <3 M

Surviving a whole year of abuse and rape

I am a survivor to assault and sexual abuse and even rape and I can this now you can do this after being alone and being in my own self I've never been. So strong knowing that now you have wisdom and this wisdom will make you unstoppable for refusing any further abuse in your life and you will fight back and reject anyone negative In your life


I don’t even know where to start or what to said. I am always trying to convince myself all the time I imagined or I just try to pretend never happened. It just kind of help to not feel the pain, ashamed or just to think this really happened to me. I feel stupid for let it happened but I still feel it was my fault for been irresponsible Dey k and not been able to take smart decisions. But then it feels unfair because I was so drunk that I can’t even remember the whole think and then the horrible feeling of waiking up so scare and confuse on a...


She was hurt too. She is so damaged and hurt just like me. But I still didn't deserve what she did to me.

“These moments in time, my brokenness, has been transformed into a mission. My voice used to help others. My experiences making an impact. I now choose to see power, strength, and even beauty in my story.”


You didn't deserve that to happen to you. What they told you is a lie. There is nothing you could do in this world to deserve that behavior. Your story matters. You matter. Let others hold your story - you don't have to hold it alone anymore. You don't have to suffer alone. You've done so much already. You've survived and suffered alone. Let us carry the load with you.

times may be tough

as a struggling addict, i think it’s better to focus on yourself and put the addiction away. it will be hard but getting help is better than stealing your sisters weed at the age of 14.


Knowing that it wasn't my fault.
Understanding that forgiving my abuser isn't necessary or even a requirement to heal. Quite the opposite, in my case. I believe that what my abuser did (making the choice to harm an innocent child) is unforgivable. I find peace in not forgiving him because of that.

Groomed in the Workplace

You are strong and able to get through this. You're not alone.

Name I will survive this

No matter how dire the circumstances each day you have to do things that will help your future self

We believe in you. You are strong.

L names

It was never your fault, it was theirs.

COCSA Survivor

I don't have much hope right now, but I just read a similar story. A girl. An older cousin. Both were children. You don't hear a lot of that. I have felt so alone and like I was the only one. Now I know that I'm not. If you read this and you have a similar story, I'm really sorry and I hope that you can feel less alone. I also never thought that my mom would believe me. And I was so worried that even if she did, she wouldn't think it was a big deal or would chalk it up as 'normal'. She didn't do that. She recognized that child exploration is n...

Take back your power

I know that it may seem impossible now and you’re hurt, you’re confused and you’re angry. Just know that it is okay to be all those things because you just went through something traumatic but never forget that your story matters! I know that there will be persons around you that tell you it was your fault because of what you wore or how you acted but always remember, it will never be your fault. Don’t ever let your perpetrator dull your sparkle and just know that there are people out there that care! I know that it’s hard and you became a par...

They're right when they say, "the body keeps the score."

From one survivor to another, I believe you.


I have journaled about hope so many times. I know peace exists, because I’ve felt it. There are bits of my life that have had peace. And that’s what’s keeping me going really. I have the biggest hope and knowing that I can live a life with peace and love at ALL times

You are wonderful, strong, and worthy. From one survivor to another.

A weak Frenchman

You're gonna need time. And you've got to believe in yourself.

Whispers to War Cries: Finding your voice

I promise that IT WAS NEVER OUR FAULT! We can be loved after being humiliated and hurt, I never thought I would get married but I am marrying the love of my life next month! I promise there is beauty after brokeness.

Secrets of 2008

If I can share a positive message with you, it would be that the worst is behind us, we survived and we can thrive. We are NOT alone, and our stories are all uniquely similar. There is someone out there (like me) who knows what it's like. We can begin our healing journey together with love and kindness to ourselves and others.


I don't know what healing looks like. At this moment I only want to make it go away. I wish it never happened. I wish I was never friends with that girl to begin with. At the moment I'm torn apart between denial and acceptance. I really hope I can get to a place where this doesn't hurt that much anymore.


I Say No More because there are too many of us living and struggle with our everyday lives because we are ashamed about what another person has done to us.
Me for an example; my abuse was on and off throughout my childhood. The longest lasted 4 years. By me staying silent for so long, to I have PTSD, Emotional Disorder and Depression. I had to learn how to gain control of my life that I didn't know for the longest that I could. I'm taking it one step at a time.

“We believe you. Your stories matter.”

i am a victim and offender of COCSA and im scared what to do

, When i was 6-9 years old I was sexually abused by 3 different girls (all older) this was a classmate, a close neighbor and an older cousin. The actions against me included, genital touching happening to me, forced to touch their genitals, forced kissing and attempted penetration, while this was happening to me my older cousin told me that "this what you do when you love someone" and i took that idea to heart, so when I was 10 years old i took this idea out against my 5-year-old sister, what I had done was not to severity to what happened to...

a place of wonder.

you will get through this, let it hurt, let yourself cry. don't dwell on your past, instead focus on the present.


you will eventually overcome, just trust the process


To me healing is an everyday process. For some people including myself, healing is not linear. Although over the course of many years I've been able to process the reality of what happened to me and fully realize that it's in the past, there are days where the mere sign of intimacy or touch send me back to my 7 year old self. Defenseless and stuck. I experience it all over again. However, I've learned that it's important to express these feelings in any way; whether it be writing, talking, creating artwork, etc. Your hurt and pain is justified...

A flame providing warmth is much more beloved than one burning a house down

It will get better. Maybe today the burden will be too heavy to carry, but slowly but surely as you drop particle by particle of it. You'll be able to fit it in a locket and forget about it. Don't ever be ashamed of yourself. Keep telling yourself to stop blaming yourself till it becomes a reality. Remember, what happened to you says more about the perpetuator than it says about you. So move on with all the strength you have in you. Ask for as much support as you need. Motivate yourself by the prospect of helping people with the same issues as...

“To anyone facing something similar, you are not alone. You are worth so much and are loved by so many. You are so much stronger than you realize.”


Safety Exit