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children molesting children. we’re still victims

12 years since the first time and 3 years since the last. I know in comparison to others my story seems simple and not hard to get over. But it’s been confusing. Weighing on my chest daily. Every waking moment I think about it and question myself. Is it really that bad? Am i being dramatic? Did I like it? I’ve never told anyone about this. Not my parents, not my fiancé, no one..ever. But I need it off my chest and I need to know people can relate. My childhood best friend and me were always together. Every-weekend; We did everything tog...

you don't have to stay silent

i'm so nervous
this afternoon, i'm finally going to the police to share my story about a guy at school who assaulted me over the summer (i live in the southern hemisphere, so around january).
he's a school captain, and i'm vice-captain so he's already in a position of power not only over me but the entire school, and the teachers practically worship the ground he walks on (last time i reported verbal harassment from him, the teachers blamed me) so i'm hoping something changes.

The body remembers

Hope is for everyone. It is love.

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"The lady bug and her spots "
Hello guys its me again ! :D I am the magic behind " To become A dandelion "
(go check it out ! )
I would like to introduce you to a special short I wrote dedicated to my loving boyfriend, boyfriend initials. my father father initials my mother mother initials and my very best friends multiple friends initials (I wont be releasing any names due to safety of others.!)

Don’t give up after MST

Truly BELIEVE it’s not your fault, and you don’t deserve what’s been done. You are your own strength…even when you feel like you’re empty inside….you’re not. YOU ARE THE STRONGEST PERSON YOU KNOW…I know this because you’re still here fighting your fight. Keep your head held high no matter the obstacles.


"The Stray"
Some would say that I am an extremely flawed individual.
I am covered in varicose veins, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, bad tattoos, sunspots, and grey hair.
The bags under my eyes make me look like a chihuahua in the mornings, til about 10


Today I learned a lesson for life that being a woman in my beloved country is very annoying. I am a student and as on a regular basis went for my morning classes via public transport. A man that i can never forget sat beside me started to molest me by touching my breast and in response i calmly asked him 'what do you think you doing?' and trust me that person was way more nervous than i should have, interestingly a lady in front me called out and gave me her seat and THAN i found out that person has already harassed another student on the same...


Thank you for allowing me to have a platform to share my story. It’s not an easy task, I have rewritten this story over and over multiple times. Please note names and locations have been removed and replaced to protect the privacy of all involved.
When I was 21, I was sexually assaulted by a man more than twice my age. At the time, my boyfriend of 5 years and I were headed across country. I was both in love and happy. July 3rd 2007, was a beautiful day weather wise which was good because we had planned a three hour drive that day to a small...


I finally met someone who does not manipulate me, who loves me for me, who listened and believed my story. Someone who loves me unconditionally with all my flaws and scars. I feel so grateful to have found him. Real love really does exist.

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First of all, I'm so grateful for the good work you all do, and to be a part of the Me Too movement. Thank you so much!
I have found the healing work from sexual assault (s) is tricky stuff, very tricky. The Me Too movement has certainly made progress in many areas providing platforms for women to do both personal healing and social justice work. Sadly, all that doesn't simply undo what's been internalized as we grow up and even as grownups.

Forgiving the Unforgivable is a must to read and listen to the podcast.

Podcast URL to my story, by Founder, Healing Organization Podcast

To become a Dandelion

Healing is the falling of ones soul and catching themselves before the true break of reality crushes
their spirit. Healing is regaining your fire that they who hurt you could no longer dim.
I healed and you can do ,. The thing is Everyone's healing journey is completely diffrent.


Do not let the person or people who assaulted you rule your life. You are worth so much more than what someone took from you or made you feel. You are not the assault you faced. You can heal.

In Threes

You are not alone. This world is yours, and I am so proud of you for how far you’ve come. No matter if you’ve picked yourself up for what seems like the hundredth time, you are so incredibly strong. Whether or not you’ve found your community, you are enough. You are loved, beautiful, and capable; you are deserving of the most wonderful life.

Bumble Bee

I am safe. I am healing. I wish I did not have to be so strong, so resilient. But I am glad it molded me into who I am today. When I was 16, I began working as a lifeguard. My first real job, my first place I felt like a had my own independence. I woke up one morning and went to work and my life changed forever. Name took that from me. An older lifeguard in his 40s sexually assaulted me every day after that when we worked together. He told me it was okay, that I was cool. He told me if I did not listen, he would do it to my other friends...

To become A Dandelion: By Name.

To all of those who have expienced sexual assualt, rape, trauma.'
This is for us. I hope you enjoy reading this as I did writing it .
You are not alone for all phonexs must rise from the ashes in order to sore,.
Never let anyone or anything dim your flame.

Just do what he wants so you can go home

I believe you. No matter how messy your story, how doubtful you are of yourself, how much the people around you have failed you. You deserve peace and love and joy and to heal. When you don’t believe yourself, I’m here. When you don’t love yourself, I do. When you want to give up, I’m egging you on to keep going.

Still healing

This message is to anyone out there that has survived this tour are loved you are beautiful and kind never blame yourself reach out to those you love I know it’s hard but it will be worth it

Intake Specialist- Crime Victims Litigation

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!


Healing is be heard, supported and loved.


I am dealing with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I was treated inhumanely in a medical facility. I lost everything. I was sexually harassed at my workplace (facility). I was fired when I complained about this. I went into depression after this brutal experience. I have been dealing with this situation since July 2016.

My Story

It gets better we’ll maybe not better but it gets easier keep fighting for your confidence and trust in people again just because a one or multiple people did you wrong doesn’t mean everyone will!

How to listen to a family member reveal their sexual abuse and protect them from it.

How to listen to a family member reveal their sexual abuse and protect them from it.
For many years I have been hiding, hiding in my denial that my father was a sexual abuser. One of my Nieces, an innocent child at the time of the assault, was sexually abused by my father, and I refused to believe her story.

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A letter to myself, to him and to you

It doesn't matter if it happened yesterday.
If it happened three months ago or 10 years ago.
It's okay for it to still affect you.
Do not deny yourself those feelings. You have already been denied so much.

In Plain Sight

I was infatuated with him from a very early age. I knew him from church, church social events, discos where he was a DJ and a musical we were both in. He knew I had a crush on him as did one of his girlfriends (she teased me about it). At the age of thirteen you know it’s unlikely he’ll like you. He was 19/20 at that time.

My untold story.

My ex is abusive. He's very narcissistic, spiritually abusive, mentally abusive, emotionally, sexually, and as of now physically abusive. I was with him for four years. He was my first love and first long-term serious relationship. The night I lost my virginity to him he had convinced me he and his pregnant actual girlfriend at the time had broken up. He gave me the sob story, played the victim, and cried crocodile tears the whole 9 yards. I didn't see any of the red flags. Before I moved in with him the first time, it was a trial run. I didn'...

What is a narcissist?

This isn’t my story but something I wrote that I feel would help and resonate with a lot of readers.
Someone asked, “ what exactly is a narcissist?” to a different group I’m on and this was my reply: They are the most manipulative, gaslighting, liars. They tear you down to bring them up. They don’t have empathy or remorse. Your feelings will never be validated. No matter how hard you love them, no matter how much you do for them, and no matter how hard you fight and try to make the relationship work… it won’t. Your effort will never be good...

I hate men and will never feel safe again

Hi um. I'm Z and I'm a victim of cocsa (child on child sexual assault). Anyways, I'll make this quick. I was with my cousins for the weekend and they took me to a friend's house with them. They had a kid my age (10) and one a bit younger (8/9). The one my age wasn't around that much, so I started talking with the younger one. I trusted him, telling him about my nervousness around people (which I later found out to be social anxiety). Later that night, he took me into his mom's room and locked the door. At first, it was just him falling on top...

from obedience to inner freedom

I am a queer nonbinary trans man and i was in an emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive relationship for 8 months, over 10 years ago. I presented as a queer woman at the time, although I had recently discovered my gender identity as a man. So much healing has happened for me since then and I want to let this part of my story go but I have carried the fear that if he found out I told anyone he would find me and kill me. So i have mostly kept silent about that time of my life and the messed up things that happened. It is complicated...


You are powerful.

A lifelong healing journey

I was fourteen when I was called into the counselors office at school to discuss an earlier statement that I had made. "Everyone hates me, I should just kill myself" I said to my friends as a teacher walked by. Despite that I was joking at the time and didn't actually feel that way, meeting with the counselor changed my life in a drastic way. After questions like "how is your home life?", "what is your relationship with your family like?", I slowly began to process and reflect on my fourteen years of life. Leaving her office, I felt heavy. I w...


Even if it disbelief feel like it, there is always a way out of the situation. Dealing with the trauma is hard but the people who truly care would rather have you around a little broken than not at all

Estimada lectora, la siguiente historia contiene lenguaje autolesión que puede herir su sensibilidad y algunos pueden encontrarse incomodos.

His Name Will Always Haunt Me

I wish I could share, but I don’t have time!

Malachi and malou shoes

Don’t be afraid to speak up you could be helping someone else

Grey zones and questions

There is hope for better days to come. I know it often doesn't feel like it and how scary it can be to work through your own demons. But I realised there is so much support and community out there. You don't have to stay alone with this burden. There are shoulders to lean on and ears that will listen. Take the time you need and the steps that are right for you, because only you can decide your path forward..

Name, My Rapist

As a victim of a heinous crime, I get through each day knowing just how successful I will be in my life. I will have a fantastic career and I will form normal relationships with other people once again. I go to sleep at night knowing that my rapist will never truly be able to feel that warm love that makes us human with another soul on this planet, because he is stunted as a person.


Most of the time I feel like I have overcome his touch. But sometimes, I still feel the warmth of his embrace. Apparently “all boys aren’t the same” so I get close and touchy with them, tease them, and sometimes even kiss them. I think I do it on purpose. I try to convince myself that I'm over it, I'm over the fact that I've been marked by the wrong person. I'm over the fact that I can’t be alone in public. I'm scared. No, not scared, terrified. I'm afraid of loving another without knowing their intention. I’m terrified that someone is about t...

Just typical men behaviour...

Art has had an incredible healing effect for me, allowing me to express pain or hanger.

I'm searching for other survivors who were targeted/groomed by Name.

I hope we can find healing together. And be empowered.


I feel getting justice for what happened to me would help the healing.

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