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Child-on-child sexual abuse (COCSA): Can a victim be older than their perpetrator?


Thank you for this question. Yes, it is possible for a victim of child-on-child sexual abuse to be older than their perpetrator. Child-on-child sexual abuse involves a minor engaging in sexually abusive behavior towards another minor. In such cases, the age difference between the survivor and the perpetrator can vary, and it is not solely dependent on the chronological age of the individuals involved.

Factors such as the emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the individuals, as well as the power dynamics within the relationship, can contribute to situations where an older child is the victim of sexual abuse by a younger child. These dynamics can be complex and influenced by various factors, including social and environmental conditions, family circumstances, exposure to inappropriate behaviors, and lack of proper education on boundaries and consent.

If you experienced child-on-child sexual abuse, you are not alone. 

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