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How can I feel comfortable in my sexuality? I'm bisexual and sometimes I feel disgusted about it.


Thank you for reaching out to us for support with this. Feeling comfortable with your sexuality as a bisexual, can be a challenging journey. It's common to experience conflicting emotions, including moments of self-doubt or even disgust. These feelings often stem from societal prejudices, internalized negative messages, or a lack of positive representation in the media and other areas.

To cultivate a more positive relationship with your sexuality, consider educating yourself about bisexuality and LGBTQ+ history. Understanding that your sexual orientation is natural and valid can help combat feelings of shame. Connecting with the LGBTQ+ community, either in person or online, can also provide valuable support and validation. Another helpful step in this direction is to follow bisexual-positive social media accounts. These can offer daily affirmations, educational content, and a sense of community that can significantly boost your comfort and pride in your identity. You can also seek out positive bisexual representation in media and public figures. This can help normalize your experiences and provide inspiring examples of people living authentically. 

When negative thoughts arise, try to identify their source and challenge them. Are they based on outdated societal norms or personal experiences? Working with a therapist, particularly one versed in LGBTQ+ issues, can be instrumental in processing these feelings and developing self-acceptance. Practice self-compassion and use positive affirmations to reinforce that your bisexuality is a beautiful, valid part of who you are.

Remember, becoming comfortable with your sexuality is a process, and it's okay if it takes time. What matters most is that you're taking steps towards self-acceptance and self-love. Your bisexuality is a natural and wonderful aspect of your identity. Be patient with yourself as you navigate this journey of self-discovery and acceptance. We appreciate you sharing this with us.

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